Lockdown not advisable after last year’s experience: FKCCI tells Govt

The State Government should not succumb to the temptation of announcing a lockdown or impose other harsher curbs, due to the rising corona virus caseload in Karnataka, said FKCCI.

“Many experts have stated that even in the event of a 3rd wave and surge in Omicron variant, the main deterrent to control the situation is a stricter enforcement of masking, maintaining social distance, regular hand-washing and hygiene, rather than a lockdown or any other stringent curbs that will impact industry & trade,” cautioned Dr I.S. Prasad, president, FKCCI. “Last year, some estimates showed that the lockdown-induced losses incurred by industry & trade in Karnataka was nearly Rs 75000 crore and the revenue loss to the State around Rs 10,000 crore per month. This should be borne in mind before taking any decision,” he suggested, while pointing out that while there cannot be a rational trade-off between lives and livelihood, a lockdown cannot be the answer and the economy should not be sacrificed at the altar of public opinion.

FKCCI will also impress on its Members and Industry, Trade & Services in the State to take all precautions prescribed and scrupulously follow all the SOP announced by the Government from time to time.

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