Secretarial Services

We offer certification of Export documents including Certificate of Origin and Visa Recommendation Letters for business promotion visits abroad.The Certificate of Origin Department of FKCCI which was set up for this purpose is rendering its services for over fifty years. Authorized by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) this facility is provided promptly and effectively for your convenience. The Certificate of Origin Department plays a pivotal role amongst the range of services provided by the FKCCI to the business community in the state of Karnataka at large.

Visa Recommendation Letter

Certain embassies/countries request for certification of visa application by the recognized Chambers. The FKCCI issues visa recommendation letters to representatives of member firms wishing to travel overseas for promotion of business and other related activities. In view of the tremendous increase in the number of business personnel travelling overseas, the Diplomatic Missions insist Companies to go abroad on business promotion.


Documents Attestation

The Commercial Document needs to be attested from the Chambers of Commerce when the respective companies wish to export some Indian products overseas. The Chamber of Commerce attestation is required on Export documents like Commercial Invoice, Packing List etc. FKCCI provides this facility of attestation of different commercial documents to its members.