Sir. M. Visvesvaraya Economic Research Centre

Sir M.V Economic Research Centre, an initiative of Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Bengaluru, is an exclusive research centre incepted for the purpose of conducting path-breaking research in the field of trade, commerce, industry, services and on the efficacy of economic policies in the public domain. It is an evidence-based research center that focuses on applied research having policy advocacy at district, state, national and regional level thus having a global outreach across all geographical stratifications. The center aims at promoting the triple-helix model of growth which advocates an interaction of government, industry and academia that can perhaps be best described as an ‘perfect blend’ to achieve economic growth in a more pragmatic way and at an accelerated pace.

The center has started a ‘Newsletter’ from the month of July 2019 named as ‘Sir M.V Newsletter’. This Newsletter is unique in its kind and the first of its order among the existing news letters in India in the discipline of trade, commerce, and industry. It covers all the milestone happenings in the economic sector at the state, national and international levels. It also covers an overview as well as the analysis of major economic initiatives, policies and programs.

The center intends to render the following deliverables

Given the heterogeneous nature of research and considering the scale of its impact on various stakeholders, dissemination of knowledge becomes a pertinent component of a research centre. For this, the centre has considered the following mediums. Dissemination through
Making the centre’s work visible in public domain and making the centre’s research to have a significant impact in governmental policy making is something very critical to its growth, promotion as well as sustenance. For this, the centre conducts the following events systematically on a planned schedule with regular intervals