Policy & Advocacy

FKCCI has a high-profile policy and lobbying team that represents the interests of members in public and private sector

Since its inception, the Chamber has sought to promote the national interest by way of both public and private sector led, economic growth and has played a catalytic role in policy making at the State and Central level. FKCCI today has a membership drawn from all sectors of Industry, Trade & Services.

"Building ownership is at the core of policy advocacy"

FKCCI connects our members to business and networking opportunities, education and benefits. We represent our members’ interests as an advocate to all levels of government. FKCCI also manages the community Visitor Information Centre and tourism marketing in partnership with the Karnataka Government.

A key role for an industry association is to work with the government at all times and support policy making to enable the industry to meet its growth aspirations and address concerns if any.

Building an enabling policy framework for the growth of the Industry/MSME is a key function for FKCCI. Since its inception, FKCCI has focused on evidence based policy advocacy that provides an unbiased perspective to policy makers. With inputs from multiple stakeholders across segments that comprise the membership, FKCCI is able to collate and distill information to present various perspectives and suggestion on the best way forward, with its pros and cos.

Over the years, FKCCI has enabled several changes in key policies in India to support the growth of the industry. FKCCI has built a symbiotic relationship with the Government of India on key issues relating to this sector, and we strive to be a Industry trusted partner in policy framing and review.


Karnataka Startup Policy 2020

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Karnataka IT Policy 2020

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