FKCCI took part in the public hearing held by KERC to discuss BESCOM’s tariff revisions for 2024-25

FKCCI took part in the public hearing held by KERC to discuss BESCOM’s tariff revisions for 2024-25 Representing FKCCI, Mr. Shridhar Prabhu, Advocate and Mr. M G Prabhakar, Advisor for the Energy Committee, informed the Hon’ble Commission to drop the proposal of tariff revision of increasing energy charge by 49 paise per unit and determining demand/fixed charges from consumers availing open access for sourcing power by BESCOM. FKCCI made its strong objection for the removal of cross subsidy & cross subsidy surcharge.

FKCCI emphasized that the State Commission in the tariff determination for 2013-14 has adopted average cost of supply for the distribution licensee. The Tariff Policy stipulates that the Cross Subsidies have to be reduced gradually and the State Commissions by the end of 2010-11, have to ensure that the tariffs are within ±20% of the average cost of supply.

The Federation also conveyed to the commission its recommendation that Time of Day (TOD) should not be mandatory for single-shift operations, citing its advantageous nature for industries operating in three shifts. Additionally, FKCCI insisted on refraining from imposing additional surcharges on open access consumers.

Responding to Mr. Prabhakar’s request for implementation of smart meter, the commission replied that smart meter program will be made mandatory regardless of availability smart meter where in one-month minimum charges (1MMD) have to be retained by the consumers.

FKCCI also brought to the notice that BESCOM has miserably failed to complete DTC metering for energy audit and hence they carried the energy audit allegedly.

FKCCI is pleased to inform you that KERC has acknowledged our detailed objections and we hope KERC will consider our views favourably and will pass an order which will provide significant relief to all consumers, particularly industrial and commercial consumers especially MSMEs.

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