Consider RRTS to ease traffic congestion in Bengaluru: FKCCI

The time has come for the introduction of a Regional Rapid Transit System (RRTS) in Bengaluru as a lasting solution for its notorious traffic congestion, said FKCCI in a review of the problems faced by lakhs of commuters every day, especially during peak hours.

“It is criminal that during peak hours, it takes one hour to cover barely 4 km,” observed Ramesh Chandra Lahoti, “The time taken compares poorly to most other cities in the world. After the introduction of RRTS in New Delhi, we urge the Centre and the State government to work together for introducing it in the state capital, which will provide visible and measurable relief to the commuters.”

FKCCI pointed out that there are thousands of people from neighbouring cities working in Bengaluru who are forced to spend 4-5 hours daily only in traveling which was a drag on the productivity and also the quality of life, apart from adding to the traffic congestion in the city.

A RRTS is designed to allow covering a 100 km distance in less than 45 minutes, which is the need of the hour as going forward, the state capital is on the throes of a population boom. It would be a daily nightmare for its citizens as well as the traffic police to manage the worsening situation.

The advantage of RRTS is that it can clear a larger number of people per hour than any other mode of transport, which is the ideal and only solution for easing the traffic congestion on the city roads, Ramesh pointed out.

A RRTS link to Mysuru and other neighbouring towns could also help to reinvent them as parallel tech centres adding to the brand equity of Bengaluru and further position Karnataka as the favoured destination for investments nationally and globally, he added.

Ramesh Chandra Lahoti

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