FKCCI is a premier institution of our country and working with it is an opportunity of immense prominence. I joined FKCCI while pursuing my masters in International Economics and Politics from University College London. FKCCI’s research culture was the perfect complement that a student could hope for-to build and enhance their skills as a budding researcher. The projects undertaken were diverse and of immediate economic concern and the rigorous and thorough approach of the research centre made a quintessential ground for any student aiming for a career in research and consulting governments.

FKCCI promoted a supportive and inclusive work environment. As interns we could freely explore research opportunities and share them with fellow researchers- a practice that allowed us to build a network into the research community. Often internships offer menial work to interns but at FKCCI, we were given challenging projects-the outcome of which would be of actual value at the state level and national policy making processes.

The feedback and guidance given by the Head of Research- Dr. Sahana Reddy were of lasting nature that I will remember throughout my professional career. She is a thought leader and great scholar and I have learned a lot under her tutelage. My experience at FKCCI was enriched by my interactions with Chairman Mr. D Muralidhar whose energy and inputs have helped me explore new avenues of research in my field, helping me expand my potential. I would especially like to thank President Mr. Perikal M Sundar and Sr. Vice President CA Dr. I S Prasad for their encouraging support for all our research endeavours. Their innovative ideas, dedication and tireless efforts have increased the credibility and visibility of FKCCI. I carry immense pride for having started my career from this august institution. Wishing FKCCI continued presence on the world stage.

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