Sri M.G. Balakrishna, Vice-President, FKCCI has been serving the Federation as MC Member for past 12 years, and as Chairman of Membership Development Committee brought in exponential increase in Membership and revenue, and successfully took up the issue of reducing GST on LPG from 18% to 5%

A recipient of several National and State Awards, such as to name a few, the Udyog Ratan Award, Indira Priyadarshini Award, Indo-Nepal Business Award, Karnataka State Award (1996), Business Tycoon Award; Ujwala Udyami Award; and Karnataka State Award (2017), Sri Balakrishna has also been Joint Secretary, Confederation of Indian LPG Industry, Chief Advisor, All India Parallel Marketing Federation, Joint Secretary, B.I.T. Alumni Association, Past President, Karnataka LPG Bottlers Association, Past President, Nelamangala Taluk Industries Association, and Member of various other Associations such as KASSIA; All India Cylinder Manufacturers Association, FISME, Opulence Club, BNI Odyssey, Cultural Association of Bangalore, Bangalore Petroleum Dealers Association, Country Club and Eagleton Resort.

Sri Balakrishna is a first-generation entrepreneur from 1989 with diverse interests such as LPG and manufacture of Indo Cylinders and Pressure Vessels; retail outlet for Petroleum industry; 3rd party inspection approved by GOI; building of Warehouses and film production.

Email: vp@fkcci.in
Mob: +91 984470 0003